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File: 1497308932901.png (186.61 KB, 993x592, -M69x5qsQj6adGH7G1wzzQ[1].png)


i am still working on that one but this is almost done.
i am back online.
with a new purpose.
this is military purpose now.
captain ready
waiting for the signal amiral.

File: 1497286962149.png (195.27 KB, 1003x397, twitter screenshot.png)


interaction from the twitter account :


File: 1497282511242.png (949.63 KB, 1007x4307, Twitter Notifications_20….png)


this is liber primus rules because this is a lucky book

File: 1497281750038.png (39.27 KB, 1303x401, CI Document[1].png)


sorry fagget i forgot that pastebin link the last post of promess of dead
this is tha linkalink : https://pastebin.com/jrfcV4gU

File: 1497281632733.png (175.23 KB, 997x592, zFl7cLnmS5_yD922SrdPsg[1].png)


i made a fresh list of the network for june 2017

File: 1497281330015.png (142.05 KB, 996x591, TehZS_47TqK4IIHaVbrNEg[1].png)


fuck you asshole
anyway i dox myself before defango and anybody of you
i am not fucking hidden
the master emergence is done since a while
you are fucking nothing that it that all
you are now superstar asshole of the aethernet
fuck you again micro penis
adacic1033 is a viril aka

File: 1497279951256.gif (72.09 KB, 313x435, defango naked.gif)


you are fucking looser for all people all know.
this is good.
you are right only between you
you are a group vs one guy
fucking coward cicada`s
you deserve to die
i dont trust anything about you
you are late everywhere
you are hidding the truth
you a playing in my field
you are no ready ready to understand
no problem
you will after this operation
you are just the past
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File: 1497279901167.png (78.06 KB, 1007x1355, An open message to thirty ….png)


this is in the box
inside a grave
you are going
fucking bastard
we are watching you
micro penis
defango sex toy
you are tengri137
that why!!!
everything is more clear and obvious now
this gonna be a massacre
blood bath
your shitty wikia vs my whole secret society network
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File: 1497277775743.png (260.53 KB, 1024x768, conspiration.png)


how do you call that kind of shit?
i dont know really..
the only thing i know is :
gonna kill them before they kill me
this is just auto defense
this is my turn now
operation take over still in progression
stability of the network is in progression.
attack imminente
fuck fagget from wikia
fuck fagget with free hosting
fuck fagget with one website
fuck fagget who use censorship
i am justice
i am the only fucking law you have to know and respect
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File: 1497276443673.png (165.22 KB, 997x592, Sk7uwL-tQ4e5-pQzAFp1dA[1].png)


we will see if the french side will let that shit happen for long still
i hate you asshole!!!
you dont know who i am …
i gonna teach you respect

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